A marketplace for fans of LEGO®. Shopblock values its community and emphasizes the creativity behind the craft.
LEGO is costly
Authentic LEGO pieces are consistent and built to last so older pieces can be able to mix with new pieces. Shopblock can give you the most price efficient option to build a LEGO set through buying from separate
authorized wholesalers.

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> 2020 (5 weeks)
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Videos are featured at the top of each
product page. The 3D models are interactive.
Choose from authorized sellers.

Price Efficient Option
The ‘Part Out’ feature lets you buy the full lego set
with authentic parts from different wholesalers.
- Authentic LEGO can get expensive.
- The craft and creativity behind LEGO sets could be emphasized more.
Problem Overview
For context, MOCs or ‘My Own Creations’ are LEGO creations made by the community and can be shared and downloaded by the public. This is a large community, yet they're not available to view on the official website. They are found on third party sites.
Community Creations
Shopblock prioritizes the demo videos and 3D explorations provided by LEGO.
(If there is no video for a product, the Shopblock page will have this layout.)
Video and 3D
Shopblock is for people of all ages who like more price options. It values the community and allows users to purchase community creations and discontinued sets. It also helps people who may not be familiar with what LEGO has to offer.
I started with an empathy map from my contextual research to understand user needs and help guide my decisions.
Empathy Map
I collected and compared the features from current competitors in the market. This was helpful in pointing out opportunities that are lacking in current systems.
Competitive Analysis
I defined a few pain points from these current systems.

1. Authentic LEGO is expensive with limited purchase options.
2. LEGO hides their videos & 3D models at the end of their gallery. Many don’t know these exist.
3. Official LEGO does not show community creations (MOCs).
4. The “Part Out” feature is difficult to navigate and underutilized.
Pain Points
“Part Out” Feature
I looked into BrickLink, the current largest LEGO marketplace (bought by LEGO in 2019).
One of their unique features is to “Part Out” a LEGO set so that you can purchase from multiple authentic wholesalers to give you the most price efficient option. This feature can also be used to purchase sets that are out of stock or discontinued.

There are currently many video tutorials on how to use this feature, meaning it is valuable but hard to navigate.
Here is the revised user flow.
I set primary and secondary user goals to map out the initial wireflows for the prototype.
Initial Wireflows
The last step was visual refinement using a layout grid with a base unit of 8px.
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